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Condenser Coil Maintenance

Maintaining Your Condenser Coil

Your condenser coil will require regular maintenance to ensure worry-free operation. Over time debris, dirt and dust will build up on the fins on the coil and need to be removed. The fins can also become damaged and bent and will have to be straightened. Keeping the fins straight and free of bends will keep the airflow around the coil undisturbed.

Tools Needed

  • Garden hose connected to water
  • Fin comb
  • Paint brush
  • Gloves
  • Condenser cleaner

Steps to Clean and Maintain Your Condenser Coil

First you’re going to want to disconnect the power to your ac unit. On a split system, the disconnect should be in a rainproof box on the wall, for a package unit it will be mounted on the side of the unit. Once located, pull the disconnect, flip it over and re-insert it. The “off” lettering will now be right-side up.

Inspect the inside and outside of the coil for any large debris and remove this by hand. Next, put your gloves on and using the fin comb straighten any fins that have become bent or damaged. Then, take the paintbrush and run it in the direction of the fins to remove any further debris. Take the garden hose and turn it on, spraying the coil all over. Be sure to spray the coils head-on so that the water will pass through the fins and out the other side.

Once the coil has been sprayed down thoroughly, follow the directions of the coil spray and spray down the entire coil, leaving the spray on for the determined length of time, taking care to get the spray in the spaced between fins. Once letting that sit for the length of time per directions, spray off the foaming agent thoroughly. You can use an after spray if you like but there is some debate as to its usefulness in keeping the coils clean.

This maintenance should be done at least once yearly, preferably twice yearly. In the fall before winterizing and in the spring before using for the season are good times to perform this maintenance routine. With regular servicing your system will give many years of worry-free operation.

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