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Did Your Air Conditioning Costs Drain Your Wallet this Summer? Prevent it Next Year

When temperatures get uncomfortably hot most people find it very easy to turn the air conditioner on and simply let it run for hours or even days on end without considering the end result on the power bill. The sticker shock received from running a cooling system overtime can make anyone want to consider how to make the home more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Money Saving Cooling Tips

Here are some simple tips that you can use to prevent your energy costs from going through the roof:

Let the temperature settle.

One of the easiest ways to save on money is to get the air temperature to the desired comfort level and leave it settle for a while. Many air conditioners already have this auto function however, sometimes it can save extra power to turn the power down or completely off when at a good temperature.

Turn your HVAC system off or adjust the temperature when you go out.

When you are leaving the house be sure to turn the air conditioner off or the temperature up in order to save on the energy used when no one is in the house. If you have a newer air conditioner that you can access while you are out from your mobile phone then accessing the application to make the house more comfortable 20 minutes before you get home is often a much better option than letting the house cool for the whole time you are out.

Create some shaded areas around your home.

Much of the heat absorbed into a house can come from outside sun exposure directly to the house which seeps through the walls and roof. Preparing before next summer to shade your house a little can stop your air conditioner working so hard on those hot days. Add a few plants or a shade cloth around to reduce direct expose from the sun to the external walls.

Stay in areas of the home that are easy to keep cool.

Close doors and window blinds and keep within an area that can be cooled easily when the days temperatures reach their hottest. Some areas such as the basement or somewhere with fewer windows, lower ceilings and few external walls will let your cooling system work less to keep the temperature down.

Try not to use appliances that create additional heat.

Any chef will tell you that it can get quite hot in the kitchen. For this reason try not to use appliances like the oven, hot plates and grill when the day is at its hottest, this will give you a great reason to enjoy a nice salad in the summer rather than heat your house while cooking.

Replace or repair old air conditioners.

Old appliances can cost a lot more over time if they aren’t running properly or simply do not run efficiently anymore. Reduce power costs by getting the air conditioner replaced or repaired if the costs have gone up while usage has remained the same.

Use other ways to cool down.

Sometimes the best way to cool off quickly may not be standing underneath the air conditioner. Take advantage of other sources to cool off like using fans or a nice cold shower or bath. If you have a pool in your backyard then be sure to give it some use when the temperature dictates.

If you would like to find out more money-saving HVAC tips, feel free to contact us today.

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