Grant Mechanical, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning Rebates

Grant Mechanical, Inc., offers air conditioning and heating service in the Palo Alto, San Mateo, CA area. In the HVAC business since 2006, we have gained a deep understanding of the heating, cooling and air conditioning needs in California, and, thereby, seek to give you, our clients, the best HVAC services and products the business has. We also make upgrading of HVAC systems affordable through affordable financing while maintaining your still-functional equipment through proper maintenance and repairs.

Heating and Air Conditioning System Rebates

We know you want to have the best air quality in your home or business, while saving as much money, on heating and air conditioning, as you can. Here is your opportunity to do so. By having our highly skilled and experienced technicians assess your home/ business heating and air conditioning needs, as well as your equipment condition, we can establish whether or not you qualify for a rebate. Regular fall and spring rebates are offered on qualified purchases.

Helping Make New Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Affordable

A rebate will fund the acquisition of your new HVAC equipment and related installation services; no need for you to draw on your savings. As an authority in the HVAC industry, we can help find just the right rebate for you. You no longer have to put up with uncomfortable air temperature or quality, just because you you are short on funds needed to upgrade your system. With rebates offered, you will enjoy clean air and correct temperatures, save a few dollars, and contribute towards global energy saving.

We, Grant Mechanical, Inc., have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to serve all your HVAC needs in California. Regular rebates offered during the spring and fall seasons will enable you to purchase the best, highly efficient Bryant HVAC products on the market, as well as assist in professional installation services from our team. Check back regularly for available rebates or call us, at (650) 361-8870, for any other inquiries.