Heating and Air Conditioning Installation for New Construction

A home is an individual or family’s escape from the entire world. It is a place where all things can be forgotten and we can become our true selves. We spend a lot of time at home, eating, sleeping, and enjoying time away from the rat race. Though many people purchase a home that is already built, a growing number of people prefer to help design and build their own refuge from the world. When needing to develop an efficient HVAC New Home system, many Redwood City residents prefer to work with Grant Mechanical Inc.

Exceptional Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Services

Grant Mechanical Inc. is a preferred New Construction HVAC company in California that has been providing top quality custom HVAC systems for 20 years to new home construction, as well as remodels.  At Grant Mechanical , we set very high standards of excellence that can be seen and enjoyed in our customized HVAC systems.

Keeping cool during summer months is a must and our sole mission is to help each of our clients do just that.  As a result, our company has become a renowned HVAC service provider in California. Over the past few years there have been many changes within the HVAC industry.

Manufacturers of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems have created many new products that work together to create energy efficient heating and cooling systems. We take pride in helping California residents get the most from their HVAC systems. By working closely with each client we are able to create a system that is affordable and unique to their needs.

This is very important, especially when new Homebuilding HVAC systems are designed. Grant Mechanical believes in creating heating and cooling systems that provide high quality air throughout a home. We offer a wide variety of equipment that combines comfort with safer air to breath.

Here at Grant Mechanical we believe in doing more than just making a profit, we strive to build a loyal clientele base through our determination to be the best HVAC provider in our area. If you are building a new home or office you are going to need an HVAC service that has your best interests in mind. Save time and money by contacting Grant Mechanical Inc. today at (650) 361-8870 and discover a company that stands by its work and is always there to serve you.